Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Create "Test Configuration"

Purpose: This document details on how to create a Test Configuration to Test the Create a Sales Order test script.

Transaction: SECATT

Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Go to transaction SECATT

Choose Radio button Test Configuration and enter name of the Configuration to be created. Here the name will be same as Test Script name except that it ends with _TC instead of _TS.

Step 2: Enter some description and component. (Same as Test script).

Save the Configuration.

Step 3: Go to Configuration Tab.

Give any appropriate System Data Container from F4.

Give the Test Script name we have created earlier ZSD_CREATE_SALESORDER_TS.

Step 4: Now in the test data block. Press Create button and enter the details as shown below.

Press Save button.

Step 5: Now go to Variants Tab and press the button Add variants as shown below.

The below pop-up will come. In that choose V1 and click the button Attach as Variants.

Then the variant V1 will be shown in the second part of screen that is Configuration Tab.

Now press Enter button.

Save the configuration. With this we are done with the Creation of Configuration successfully.

Step 6: Executing the configuration.

We can execute the configuration using the above Execute button. Press that button.

The below pop-up will come. In that choose options as given in the below screen shot.

Press Execute button.

Press Ok for the SAPGUI attach pop-up.

Once the eCATT execution is completed, Log will be displayed. It should come with Green Color. Then only it is executed successfully. Otherwise some error should have come.

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