Monday, March 10, 2008

Designing SAP Transactions SAP Dynpros

SAP Dynpro

A sap dynpro is nothing but a SAP screen that provides a forum for the user to interact with the SAP database. The dynpro forms the heart of any transaction, and in order to design one for a particular process, the process needs to be broken down into a sequence of dynpros.

The main components of a typical SAP custom transaction dynpro are

Screen Attributes

These describe the screen in detail. Common screen attributes are

Screen Attributes



Module pool program name associated with the screen

Screen number

4 digit unique number within a module pool program

Short Description

Purpose of the screen – one liner

Original Language

Maintenance language of the screen derived automatically from module pool maintenance language


SAP release version that the screen belongs to

Last changed or Last generated

Date/time when screen was last changed/generated

Screen Type


Default setting – identifies the screen as normal screen

Modal Dialog Box

Special setting to display list in a dialog box


Identifies the screen as a subscreen

Selection screen

Identifies an auto-generated screen for accepting values from the user as criteria for database selections while running a report


Hold Data

Setting which remembers the data entered on the screen and displays it again automatically if the user calls it again

Switch off Run time Compression

Option that prevents the screen from getting compressed at run time. Advisable not to use this option

Hold Scroll Position

Option to specify whether the vertical/horizontal scroll position should be remembered. Generally used for large screens

Without application toolbar

Option that does not display the application toolbar that belongs to the current program. This option cannot be changed during run time

Other Attributes

Next Screen

Number of the next screen to be displayed. Can be changed dynamically through code

Cursor Position

Screen element that the cursor is placed on when the screen is displayed

Screen Group

4 character identifier for a group of related screens

Lines/Columns used

Size of the screen area currently used

Lines/Columns Maintained

Size of the screen starting from upper left corner. Maximum size is 200 rows X 255 column

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