Thursday, September 5, 2013

Enhance SPRO to add customized views

Enhance SPRO to add customized views to SPRO and make documentation of the relevant Z customization.  
Use in Projects:
The customized entries and documentation will be with in SPRO and understandable to everyone.  
  • Entire Customization including ‘Z’ objects comes under one tree(SPRO)
  • Reduces the time to become familiar with the system & processes.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • KT process becomes easier.  
To add this maintenance in SPRO, we need to enhance SPRO.  
Run the TA : S_IMG_EXTENSION from the easy access:  
Select the relevant IMG Structure from the F4 Button.  
In this case, the IMG structure is Sales.
Press F4 on Enhancement ID, It shows all the existing Enhancement ID’s. We can create our own enhancement ID.  
Cilck ‘ SAVE’ Button.  
Object directory entry screen is displayed. Give the package name. Workbench request gets created.
Once saved, Click on continue button

Now we can see the ZALU as enhancement ID Original List:
Double click ‘ZALU’  or set the cursor on ‘ZLAU’ Click on Continue.  
“ZALU” ‘ALU Enhancement ID’ gets filled at Enhancement ID.  
Now click on button Enhance Structure on the application bar.
Change IMG screen is displayed.
As we have selected IMG structure as SALES, we get all the sub nodes under sales.  
Now we are going to add a node as a sub node Under Sales:
Here 4 application bar buttons:
The above two buttons describes at which level (Parent node or Child node) to add the node.  
We are going to add ‘ALU Individual Customizing’ as Sub node to Sales,
So set the cursor on Sales and click on  
Pop up comes with asking for Node text: ‘Node text is given as  ‘ALU Individual Customizing’  
Click Continue.
Now the structure displayed like below:

Now set the cursor on ALU Individual Customizing and click on the button Activity:
Following screen is displayed.
Give IMG ID (Any Name) and document name and click on create:
Add the documentation:
Save and click on ‘BACK’ button. Will be directed to initial screen.
Click on SAVE button.
Workbench request gets created:
Now Click on the Attributes TAB:
Following screen is displayed:
Here is the list of ASAP Roadmap ID:
Selected 201 as ASAP Roadmap ID (Select the appropriate Roadmap ID, where this customization comes)
Mandatory/ Optional as “Optional”,
Critical/ Non_Critical as “Non Critical”.
Coming to the components on right side:
Press F4 on components, We get a list. Add the appropriate component.

Click on the SAVE button at the bottom:
Gets saved under workbench Request:  
Now click on the Tab: Maintain Objects:
Give the maintain Object ID and Name:
Assign the customizing Object Here:
In our example, the table name is ZEMPLY and the transaction code for the table maintenance:  
Click on the ‘SAVE’ Button:
Saved under workbench request and click on Back Button.
We are directed to Initial IMG Screen. And screen shows as below:
Click on SAVE button on the Top:
Changes logged under workbench Request:
Now Run the transaction SPRO:  
Now we can ZUNBU in the path
The documentation shown as below:  
When executed, it shows the Maintenance Screen,

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