Thursday, September 5, 2013

Unit of Measure - Rounding of decimal places

Before we proceed to configuration settings, we first check the default behavior of decimal places for a unit of measure. 
Let us try creating a Purchase Requisition. 
We have entered the following entry for buying Coffee of 52.5KG.
Press Enter and enter the other necessary information like valuation price, G/L account, cost center and others. Come back to the above screen. 
Now the screen would look like:
You could notice that three decimal points are shown. 
Now let’s create one more entry, without any decimal points. 
You could notice that no decimal points are shown in the case of second line item. 
Now, let us look at the configuration settings for the Unit of Measure (UoM). 
Go to transaction CUNI. 
Now select “Mass” as the dimension. 
Click on “Units of measurement”. Following screen appears:
Now double-click on KG. 

In the above screen, you can notice that “Decimal pl. rounding” is set as 3. Due to this, the quantity in our Purchase Requisition has automatically set to 3. If the decimal places entered by the user are more than this, then it would be rounded to 3 decimal places. 
Also, you can notice that the “Decimal places” is set to blank. If this is set, then the quantity would be displayed with that number of decimal places. For example, if you enter the quantity as 50, system would display as 50.00.

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