Thursday, September 5, 2013

Working with screen variants

Screen Variants
Screen variants allow you to simplify screen editing by:
  • Providing default values on the screen fields
  • Hiding and changing the ready for input status of fields
  • Hiding and changing the attributes of table control columns
A screen variant contains field values and attribute for exactly one screen. A screen variant may be assigned to multiple transaction variants. Screen variants are always cross-client; they may, however, be assigned to a client-specific transaction. They can also be called at runtime by a program. The different possibilities for calling screen variants guarantee great flexibility of use.
Normally when we create sales order, we can change the “ship to party” which comes based on sold to party, now for the demo purpose, we would disable “ship to party” so that the end-user cant make changes to it.
Transaction code: SHD0.  
Enter the transaction code, for which you want the field to be disabled, give a transaction variant name, this transaction variant will be assigned to order type later.
Here in this case transaction code is ‘VA01’.
Click on Create button
Enter the order type and press enter.
If you want to hide a field in sales order, then in this screen you can make necessary changes, according to our scenario we are just going to make changes only to ship to party so do not make any changes in the screen, Click on enter
Click on enter
Click on enter until you get the below screen where you are going to make modifications to ship to party field
Check the ship to party checkbox in output only (means display purpose) as shown below.  

After checking the checkbox, just click on EXIT and SAVE button shown in the below screen shot.
Enter the short description
Click on save
Assign it to a package.
Assign it to a transport request, and click on enter, you may get the same package and transport request, just click on save and go on until you encounter with the last screen.
Now this is the final screen.
Now go to transaction VOV8.
After selecting the order type, either double click or click on details button, it will take you to the next screen where you have to maintain the variant name.
Now when you try to create a sales order using the same document type then you can see that the ship to party field is in display mode.  

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