Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Authorizations in abap query

ABAP Query Authorizations
To use an ABAP query, the user must have appropriate authorizations. Two ways of providing authorizations to the users are as follows:
User groups
The user should be a part of at least one user group to run the corresponding ABAP query. This automatically restricts the access of the user to specific functional areas, and thus the corresponding underlying logical databases.
The authorization object S_QUERY should be used to give proper authorizations to the user for a query. This authorization object has a field named ACTVT which can take values 02 for Change, 23 for Maintain and 67 for Translate.
This value determines whether the user can create and modify the query. The possible authorizations in the object are as follows:
S_QUERY_ALL Change, maintain and translate query
S_QUERY_UPD Change and Translate
Though the general concept of an ABAP query is moderately difficult, the results and the long term use of the ABAP query is worth the effort.

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