Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creating Functional Areas Without a Logical Database

To create a functional area without a logical database
One of the following can be selected
Based on a single table
Using an ABAP/4 program
Using Table Joins
Using Sequential Dataset
The steps to be followed for creating the functional area are as follows
Tools => ABAP/4 Workbench => Utilities => ABAP/4 query => Functional Areas.
Give the functional area name and click on Create button
In the next screen give a brief description of the functional area
In the Without a logical database area give the base table on which to form the ABAP query
To form the query with two or three tables, we need to create a join. For this check the Table Join Check Box and click on the Table Join button.
NOTE: The tables to be used in the join should have at least one field in common i.e. it should have the same name, domain or data element.
Mention the tables that you want to include in the join condition in the Joined Tables area and press ENTER.
A checkbox will appear against the table names on the left side, and three radio buttons will appear against the tables on the right side specifying the join type.
Base table name remains grayed out. Select the two tables to be involved in the join by clicking the check boxes against them. Use menu path Edit => Join => Define condition to create the join. A mapping between the tables will be displayed on the right hand side. Click on the button provided (with + and down arrow symbol) to specify the join.
Click YES on the Proposal Requested message that gets displayed.
If the join tables have a foreign key relationship then the common fields in the tables will be marked with 00 to indicate that the join has been created. User can create the join by specifying 00, 01 etc. against the fields that qualify for the join.
Complete the join condition by adding more tables if necessary.
Remaining concepts for creating the functional area without a logical database are same as the concepts for creating the functional area with a logical database.
After finishing everything save and generate the functional area and click on the BACK icon to come out

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