Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Creating Functional Areas using a Logical Database

To create the functional area with a logical database
Tools => ABAP/4 Workbench => Utilities => ABAP/4 query => Functional Areas.
Give the functional area name and click on Create button
In the next screen give a brief description of the functional area
Specify the name of the logical database, for e.g. Database FI, Application S. This will be the definition for the flight database
Click on the button Functional Group present on the application toolbar, in order to create the functional group for the required fields from the logical database tables
In the functional group box mention the number of the functional group and the description for the functional group
The tables from the logical database are shown in Tables Of Logical Database/Joins while the fields are displayed in the Fields Box
Double click on the table name in order to change the list
Every field that has to be selected in the query should be assigned a functional group number against it
Sometimes the list of fields in the Fields box will not be completely visible. To have a wider display of the list place the cursor in the fields box area and click on Settings => Full Screen from the SAP menu bar
To see the fields from different tables select the table and double click on it.
Once the required fields are selected, save the functional Area by clicking on the SAVE icon on the toolbar, and then Generate the Functional Area by clicking the Generate icon on the toolbar
To add user defined fields to the abap query use the menu bar option GOTO => Additional Field
Give the field name and the table name from the logical database to which the field needs to be included. Click the ENTER button.
On the next screen give the Sequence, description, title and the technical attributes for the field (field type, length). Here you can also specify the formula for the field. Click on the SAVE button to register the data to the database.
Remember that the sequence of the field matters – if the second field uses the first field in its code then the second field should have a higher sequence than the first. Tables can also be included – to do this use the menu option Goto => Additional Tables
You can include your own selection criteria and parameters to control the data to be selected from the database. For these additions to get activated, code needs to be written for taking care of the additional fields.
To display something before the execution of the actual query, go to the start of selection event via the menu path Goto => Code => Start-of-selection.
To display something just before or after the output of the query, go to the end of selection event via the menu path Goto => Code => End-of-selection.
To display something at the beginning of the page, go to the top of page event via the menu path Goto => Code => Top-of-page.
After finishing everything save and generate the functional area and click on the BACK icon to come out.

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