Friday, October 15, 2010

C program that uses the GUI automatization interface to implement automatic user login for sap

/* This little C program is using the SAP */
/* automation GUI interface to implement */
/* an automatic login feature. From release */
/* 3.1H SAP remouved it's similar function */
/* (slg_dll.exe, saplogin.exe), because of */
/* of security considerations. This program */
/* has a hardcoded password!! It would be */
/* adviseable to implement some encripting */
/* instead. */

#include "guilib.h"

int putt (char *strControlName);
int LogOff (HANDLE hHandle);

void main()
char Hostname[50];
char SystemID[5];
char Client[5];
char User[20];
char Passwd[20];
char Language[5];

HANDLE hHandle;
PIT_EVENT pEvt = 0;

strcpy (Hostname,"hostname");
strcpy (SystemID,"00");
strcpy (Client,"100");
strcpy (User,"UNAME");
strcpy (Passwd,"PASSWD");
strcpy (Language,"E");

hHandle = It_NewConnection(Hostname, SystemID, SAPGUI_FRONT);
It_Login (hHandle, Client, User, Passwd, Language );
while ( It_GetEvent(hHandle, &pEvt) )

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