Friday, October 15, 2010

Protect part of ABAP code from modifying

Is it possible to protect some parts of ABAP code in Z* programs from any modification?

Details... I made some templates for rapid ABAP-report design. When I want to create new report, I make copy of template and write some abap code in predefined places. A simplified example:

report z_my_report.

perform select_data.
perform output_data.

form select_data.
* Users can place code here
* >>>

* <<<

form output_data.
* Users can place code here
* >>>

* <<<

For complex reports it is important than user can write code ONLY in predefined places, not in other program logic. That's because I need to "lock" some parts of abap-code.

No direct answer for this.

One solutions is to put the sections of code in a separate include and use the editor lock in the attributes.

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