Thursday, August 25, 2011

Automatic Printing of a Sales Order Document immediately after saving the document in VA01 transaction

This scenario shows how to print a document whenever a sales order from VA01 is created immediately after saving the application.

Before that we need to maintain the configuration in the NACE transaction.

Step 1: Go to transaction NACE and select the application V1.This is a standard application to confirm the sales order.

Step 2: Click on condition records.

a) It is used to set the values to process the output type based on the Business rule. The following screen will appear.

b) Double click on the BA00. The following screen will appear. Select the any one key combination based on the business rule.

For example, if you want process the appropriate output by giving the Sales Organization, Distribution channel, Division and customer then select the first one. This means it processes the output only when the values found with this combination.

c) Set the values and click on Execute/F8 button. Consider the values according your database.

d) Provide the customer and partner details and in the Medium click on F4 help. You can see the list of available mediums. Select the medium 1 i.e. print output.

In date/time filed click on F4 help and select time 4(Send immediately when saving the application). If we don’t select this option it won’t process the output immediately when saving the application. Maintain the language also.

e) Now click on Communications button to set the printer properties. Maintain your own printer settings and don’t forget to check the filed ‘Print Immediately’.

The configuration to print the document automatically when saving the application is completed.

Step 3: In order to process the output type we require programs and forms.

The programs and forms to process the output are readily available in SAP system. There are some standard programs and forms are pre configured in the NACE transaction.

a) Go to NACE, select V1 and click on ‘Output Types’.

b) Select BA00 and double click on ‘Processing Routines’.

c) The following screen will appears. Here we can find programs and corresponding forms to process the outputs for different mediums. As per our requirement the corresponding program and forms are preconfigured in the Print output Medium. If we want make our own Z program and Z form, simple just replace it in the corresponding fields in the Print Medium.

Step 4: Now go to transaction VA01. Give the values we mentioned in the condition records and press enter.

Order type : OR
Sales Organization : 0001
Distribution Channel: 01
Division : 01

a) Enter the sold-to-party or customer as 1000 and enter the Item details.

Once the data is entered click on save button. Now the document will automatically print the document. Before that if you want to check the configured output type. Follow the steps.

b) Go to transaction VA02 and enter the created sales order number.

Now Go to Extrasà Output-àHeader-àEdit. The following screen will appear.

Here we can see two types of statuses.

The Yellow color indicates that it is ready to process. It will automatically come into the picture because we configured the values in NACE transaction. Whenever system found these values (0001, 01, 01, 1000) it will automatically process the above output. We need not to give the output parameters every time the document is to be printed.

The Green color indicates that the document is successfully processed.

c) Select Back button and click on SAVE. The document will automatically go to the printer. Now you can collect the document from the printer.


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