Thursday, August 4, 2011

SQL: SELECT Statement

The SELECT statement allows you to retrieve records from one or more tables in your database.

The syntax for the SELECT statement is:

SELECT columns
FROM tables
WHERE predicates;

Example #1

Let's take a look at how to select all fields from a table.

FROM suppliers
WHERE city = 'Newark';

In our example, we've used * to signify that we wish to view all fields from the suppliers table where the supplier resides in Newark.

Example #2

You can also choose to select individual fields as opposed to all fields in the table.

For example:

SELECT name, city, state
FROM suppliers
WHERE supplier_id > 1000;

This select statement would return all name, city, and state values from the suppliers table where the supplier_id value is greater than 1000.

Example #3

You can also use the select statement to retrieve fields from multiple tables.

SELECT orders.order_id,
FROM suppliers, orders
WHERE suppliers.supplier_id = orders.supplier_id;

The result set would display the order_id and suppier name fields where the supplier_id value existed in both the suppliers and orders table.

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