Thursday, August 25, 2011


1) Which of the following are true about pricing?

a) Additional conditions cannot be added manually to automatically determined condition types

b) Conditions cannot be changed manually in the item overview screen

c) If allowed in condition type, prices, surcharges, and discount can be changed manually

d) New condition tables must begin with ‘Z’.

e) Header condition types must have related condition records.

A: c

2) Which elements are relevant to determine the pricing procedure?

a) Condition records

b) Sales org, distribution channel, division

c) Sold-to party

d) Conditions

e) Sales document type

A: b, c, e

3) Which field in the customer master is used for determining the pricing procedure?

a) Customer group

b) Customer pricing procedure

c) Price group

d) Price list

e) Delivery plant

A: b

4) Which of the followings can be header conditions?

a) Price

b) Discount

c) Insurance

d) Freight

A: b, c, d

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