Thursday, August 25, 2011

Solution Manager

1) Tools, contents and methodologies for which of the following are provided by the solution manager?

a) Functional implementation

b) Technical implementation.

c) Operations

d) Support.

A: a, b, c, d

2) Which of the following activities can be carried out using solution manager during a project implementation?

a) Project preparation.

b) Business Blue print.

c) Configuration.

d) Customizing

e) Testing.

A: a, b, c, d, e

3) Which of the following are the various roadmaps used in SAP solution manager implementations?

a) Solution management roadmap.

b) Testing roadmap.

c) Implementation roadmap.

d) Global template roadmap.

A: a, c, d

4) Which of the following are the roles in SAP implementation?

a) Technical consultant.

b) System administrator

c) Trainer

d) Support Engineer

A: a, b, c, d

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