Thursday, August 25, 2011

Configuration steps for: Automatic Picking

Automatic picking happens with an output type “WMTA” - Automatic TA, we need to maintain an output condition record using t code: VV21.

Configuration steps for automatic picking....

1. WM should be active at delivery item level, t code: OVLP. Check “relevant for picking”.

2. To trigger WM transfer order in the delivery document we need one more config step in the IMG, for this go to SPRO à Enterprise Structure à Assignment à Logistics Execution à Assign warehouse number to plant/storage location.

3. Along with these settings we also need WM consultants to configure the WM settings. This includes the settings related to lean WM or central WM.

4. Number range for pick order should be maintained, for this go to à SPRO à Logistics Execution à Shipping à Picking à Define number ranges for pick order.

5. Assign the output procedure for the delivery type, t code: v/71, or SPRO à Logistics Execution à Shipping à Basic shipping functions à Output control à output determination à maintain output determination for outbound deliveries à Assign output determination procedures.

6. During maintaining a condition record for WMTA output type you can have any key combination as per the business requirement. In this system I have selected a key combination of Delivery type and shipping conditions.

Maintain the medium as “8 – Special function” and dispatch time as “4 – Send immediately

This concludes the configuration and master data maintenance for automatic picking.

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